Student Success Statement


Student Success Statement

“Every time I’ve done something that doesn’t feel right, its’s ended up not being right.”

Mario Cuomo

Student reflection:  We  as people must know whats right and whats wrong . When we do something bad , we feel bad .

Ex : if you take an item from your friends bag or backpack , and he/she is looking for it and you don’t tell him/her  that you have it , you are being a bad person, and then they get in trouble with the teacher for looking for it and taking such long time , it all ended up not being right. You will have regrets .


class presentations

  • Pharmacy Technicians: Damian and Steve

it is a healthcare worker who performs pharmacy related functions.

it is a delicate job because who need to give the right medicine to the patients

  • Pediatrician : Astrith and Bianca

pediatricians are doctors whom take care of children up to a certain age . They use different type of equipment need for children care

i think that they did a really good job , in a way i find it kind of interesting to take care of children and help them in whatever they need to be attended by .

  • Pharmacists : Ismael and Carlos
  • they give patients the medicine that the doctor indicate them to take
  • they need to be very care with the patients , and give them the right medicine

i think pharmacists is a really delicate job , because you need to be careful and give the patients the right medicines that the doctor told them to take . I wouldn’t want to be a pharmacists because i would be scared of giving out the wrong medicine.

Psychiatric Institution: Denisse, Odalys and Raul

It is where mentally ill people go for care. They used hotboxes to relax their patients. They gave their patients insulin so that their blood pressure would drop.They put them insulin shock therapy so that they would go in comma. Patients had horrible conditions .

i think they did an excellent job they showed procedures in which the patients would be put in . They also gave information about what the doctors would do to the patients to calm them down . I really wouldn’t want to be a Psychiatric person because it is a lot of responsibility to be taking care of special people . I think that i would also be scared  because they can do the most scariest or unexpected things.


Lizet and Margarita

a pediatrician are doctors who focus on children’s physical or emotional well-being

they do physical exams , diagnose and treat your child’s illnesses

median salary: $167,640 per annum

to become a pediatrician you need 4 years completing an undergraduate degree

pros of being a pediatric , you have good salary you help people , and you have great knowledge

i think that they did a good job they gave out really good information and examples .


Mario and Anthony duties can include delivering anesthesia

average salary : $232,830

they manage to take care of their patients so they wont feel pain

they did  a good job ,every thing they said was actually pretty interesting .


Vanessa and Jocelyn

take patients temperatures , check pulses and etc

requirements high school  diploma and or at least G.E.D

NCLEX necessary test that you need to pass

average salary: $16,000-$23,000

places they work: clinics, schools , care hospitals ,and out patient family care clinics

more new nurses are getting degrees

a lot of that is working with the elderly

i actually think that it is really interesting to become a practical nurse .


Jonathan and Juan

treat patients by manually adjusting parts of the human body , especially the spine.

average salary: $30,000-$100,000.

doctors can easily crack the patients bones with no pain .

i wouldn’t want to be a chiropractor because you can brake a patients bones on accident and i wouldn’t want that to happen.

Forensic Scientist

Antonio and Jerry

Science-application of a broad spectrum of sciences and technology

education requirements: normally have a bachelor’s degree

best colleges: Boston university, UC Davis, Ohio University and Penn State

salary: if you work in local government your expected pay is around

they can help determine if a crime has been committed

in order to solve cases , they use DNA


i think that their topic was actually interesting i would actually like to try that .

David and Scott


conducts scientific studies to study behavior and brain function, develops programs that improve schools and work places by addressing psychological issues

it is recommended to take AP psychology, biology, chemistry

must take general psychology, history psychology

work environment and schedule : psychologist held about 174,000 jobs in 2010

in order to become a psychologist you need master’s , specialist

salary:$111,810 14 different types of psychology

many psychologists study body language

i think that being a psychiatrist is interesting because you get to help people and make them feel confidence , trust you and feel better.

Danielle and Kateryn

Pediatric Oncologist

they treat children with cancer , they use medication and chemotherapy to treat their patients

duties: direct chemotherapy and supportive care

pediatric oncologist examine patients

being an oncologist: the working hours are from 60-100 hours a week due to ill patients

schooling: 4 years of college , 4 yrs of medical school, 3 years pediatric residency, 2 year pediatric oncology fellowship, and in about 13 yrs they become a pediatric oncologist

salary:$98,038-$351.573 per year ,they make about $45 an  hour

advantages: help children, pays great, its exciting , interesting, people will respect you, rewarding, opportunities to move up a career.

disadvantages: you are always busy, lots or responsibilities, children passing away, working conditions: they can be good or bad , you see children slowly dying or getting better while in the hospital

universities in California: UCLA,Harvard, and etc

i think i would want t be a pediatric oncologist because my cousin had cancer and they were able to save her so i would want to do the same back , help kids that are suffering from cancer .

Marcos and Israel


is anyone who is qualified to treat diseased or injured animals.

job outlook: more than 59,700 people worked as veterinarians in 2008 while most in private practice

Specialization : as a veterinarian you can choose to perform general care or receive additional training and specialize in a particular field or animal therapy

working conditions: veterinarians in private or clinical practice often work long hours  in a noisy indoor environment

to be a vet : 4 years of pre- veterinary education and then attend a 4 yr college of veterinary medicine

advancements: begin as employees in established group practices

salary: $39.44 per hour or $82,040 per year average vet pays : $82,900

i wouldn’t want to be a vet because it is not one of my intrests

class presentation

pediatrician : by Alex Patricio and Maritza Avila

pediatrician foucus on physical and emotional with little kids

to prepare for medical school in high school you need to take prefeably chemistry, calculus, best if its an AP class

i think they did a good job , they gave good information and showed good videos 🙂

Student Success Statement

Student Success Statement

“Goodness is the only investment that never fails.”

Henry David Thoreau

sometimes when you in vest in things that are not necessary , they always tend to fail in many ways , but when you invest in good things they never fail .That’s why you have to be careful in what you choose or in what you do 🙂 If you work hard and try your best you are most likely to be an investment that never failed 😀

Student Success Statement

Student Success Statement

“A good name will shine brightly”


student reflection: ANON refers to if you are a good person who does good things and people know you by being nice , helpful, caring , honest and respectful your name will shine bright and you will be in peoples mouths , but for being a good person .So always choose the right 🙂

Ex: If your a student who always pays attention in class , and  always helps your classmates and is really involved in school activities or anything positive related  to school , it will say so many good thing about you.

Student Success Statement

“When I do good, I feel good.

When I do bad, I feel bad.”

Abraham Lincoln

Student Reflection: We know when we do good, because we feel proud of ourselves, we have a positive feeling 🙂 When we do bad we know it, because we feel something that’s not leaving us alone, our conscience. Always go for what’s going to have you in a positive thought and with no worries .Choose the right things always 🙂

Ex: When you help an old lady or an old man to carry something or to cross the street , you will feel good for what your doing because you are helping others 🙂

When you see an old lady or old man having trouble with something but yet you don’t help them, if something happens to them you will feel bad, you will feel like its you fault because , you might say “Damn i could of helped them but i didn’t. ”

Choose the right!!!!


Student Success Statement

“I shall pass through this life but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness I can show, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it; for I shall never pass this way again “


Student reflection :
I think that ANON is trying to tell us that we only live once and that we should take the opportunity to be nice to other , that now that we have the chance to let us do it .That we shouldn’t let nobody avoid us from doing it .Whatever you do choose the right 🙂


Clinical Technologist

Clinical technologists perform more complex laboratory tests, and procedures than technicians. They also supervise technicians, confirm their tests, and manage laboratory quality control programs.

Most clinical laboratory specialists work in hospitals, but they are also employed by private practices, medical groups, research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and universities.

Average Salary:

$20,000-$28,000 (Clinical laboratory technicians)

$25,000-$40,000 (clinical technologists)

Educational Requirements:

Students should take the most challenging high school courses in science, math, and English.

An associate’s degree in the field is normally required to become a clinical technologist; however some employers accept an associate’s degree and extensive clinical experience as a substitute .Many technologists pursue additional graduate education or specialized training to advance their careers in clinical chemistry, blood banking, and microbiology.


Student Success Statement                                                                                                                       “You have only always to do what is right. It will become easier by practice ,and you enjoy in the midst of your trials the pleasure of an approving conscience”. and you enjoy in the midst of your trials the pleasure of an approving conscience”.   Robert E. Lee

Student Reflection: Lee is right , always do whats correct , if you try and try it will  become easier and you will end up liking it , because now that you’ve tried you are able to DO IT!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Clinical Laboratory Specialties


           Clinical Laboratory Specialists

Duties and Responsibilities:

Clinical laboratory specialists include both Clinical Laboratory Technicians and Clinical Technologists. These professions are also referred to as Medical Laboratory Technicians or Medical Technologists.

Both technicians and technologists perform laboratory work to identify, diagnose, and treat diseases.

Clinical laboratory technicians use microscopes, laboratory equipment, chemicals and computers to perform laboratory procedures. They also collect blood specimens and prepare culture media .They conduct tests and prepare reports for clinical technologists or physicians.