The Sting of the Scorpion

When you choose to do the wrong decisions you will get stung .

summary : the little kids parent always told him to wear shoe there in the desert because it would protect him from a lot of things , but the little kid didn’t listen so he put on his flip flops and he was wandering around so all of a sudden he felt a sting on his feet and he immediately started feeling pain so he started crying and called his parents, and his parents took him to the hospital and they put him anesthesia , but he learned from his mistakes with a really bad pain for being rebellious .

A way that I can relate to this : when we went to a party my little sister was in the jumper , and then she came out and was walking around barefoot , and my mom told her to put her shoes on but she didn’t listen so when she was running around she had step on a little piece of glass and she came over to my mom crying , telling her that something went in her foot , and my mom told her see what happens when you don’t listen .

The majority of time people don’t listen to what other tell them , so they have to learn from their mistakes !!!


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