Student Success Statement :

Together Everyone Achieves More


When everybody works together , everything is better because that way you jot down new ideas . You become a better person because you learn from other , and others learn from you. Working with others is better because your not alone and it is better experiences your living , your interacting with other and having fun with whatever it is , you”ll always be better if you have team work.With team work , it is easier to reach a goal, to be successful.Teamwork makes a dream work. Alone we could do so little , together we do much more .




Make a bullet list by listing specific things you see in this picture & things implied.

  • 4 people
  • teamwork
  • hiking
  • working together
  • trying to reach to the top
  • working hard
  • goal achieving
  • striving for success

Student Success Statement

Your mind is a garden , your thoughts are the seeds…

You can grow flowers , or you can grow weeds…


It all depends on what you want to do , if you want to become successful your garden will have seeds, in other words if you really wish it its like having seeds in your garden and watering them , you will conceive your goal, but if you are on the wrong path your garden will grow weeds instead of flowering seeds. Always do what’s best , so you can have a beautiful garden in you 🙂

What’s on your mind?

What is on your mind ?

On my mind i have all these school related things like , what are we going to do today for class. Also wondering what are we going to do for all of our classes through out  the whole day,  and especially thanksgiving break. Something that I’m really keeping in mind is a scene of a play that i will be acting for , for my theater class , i have it mind because I’m trying to remember it so good , so that i can get a good grade for acting.

Student Success Statement

“A definite worthy goal, combined with a positive mental attitude (PMA), is the starting point of all worthwhile achievement.”

                                                                                     Napoleon Hill

A goal that  you have and that you know is worthy , with a positive mental attitude is where the starting point will start, for a worthwhile achievement.

Health Information Specialists

Duties and Responsibilities :

Health Information Specialists obtain, post, and analyze medical, workload, finance, and insurance data.  They ensure that this information is properly recorded into medical records so practitioners can plan and evaluate health care provided to patients. Health information specialists work in hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, physician offices, and many other medical settings.

Salary:Average Salary:  
$20,000 – $25,000 (Coding Specialists)
$23,000 – $30,000 (Record Technicians)
$30,000 – $40,000 (Record Administrators)

Education: Student should take high school courses in business, information management, science, math, and English. To be certified , specialist must pass an examination.

Do you think you would like to be a health Information Specialists? Why? Why not ?
I think i would do it. I think it is an interesting  job , but that’s not something that i want to do .I wouldn’t want to because what if you mess up the patients record plan and they do a mistakes with there medical records? it could get you into a lot of trouble .