Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Duties and Responsibilities:  they measure and record their blood pressure, weight, height, pulse, temperature and rate of respiration .Monitor vital signs, and assist with personal care and procedures such as catheterization which means the process of inserting a hollow tube into a body cavity or blood vessel. ,  and wound care..

Salary: LPN wages ranged from $14.74/hour ($30,650/year) to $27.44/hour ($57,080/year), with a median salary of $19.79/hour ($41,150/year). The annual salary can vary though, from $29,680 to $56,010.

Education: they need a high school diploma or GED to apply for an LPN educational training program, typically a 12-month program found in technical and vocational schools and community colleges.

Add a Picture:Nurse listens to a boy's heart 

Reflection: Yes i do actually think that I would like to be a licensed practical nurse because, it is something that really interests me because I’m into the medical field and I would first like to become a nurse then maybe a Doctor.


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