Nursing Home Administrator

Duties and Responsibilities: A nursing home administrator is the head of operations at a nursing home, acting like the chief executive officer for the facility.

Salary: $95,540

Education: Nursing home administrators usually hold at least a master’s degree, and they must be licensed to practice in the states where they work. Individual states have different requirements for license, but generally people must have proof of education and experience, preferably under the guidance of a preceptor, and they must be able to pass an examination which covers basic topics nursing home administrators are expected to be familiar with.

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Reflection: I think that it is a very nice job but, i don’t think that i would like to be a nursing home administrator because you are working will older people and it is a big responsibility , you need to be very careful because most of them may be very weak or sensitive, and then you get really close to them as in you get to know them better and  if something every happens to them , it can affect you because now you feel like if they are someone that is related to you , in general part of your family.


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