Farm Fresh Fruited Pancakes

Mama's Gotta Bake

As we head north on the 101 freeway leaving Los Angeles for Santa Barbara, the temperature drops five degrees every 10 miles or so, until we reach our destination where it’s a balmy 72. Our morning begins with a trip to the local farmer’s market in Santa Barbara. We’ve driven up here today to spend the weekend with my good friend Lauren, and her husband Larry. During the week he’s a corporate CEO with a passion for the bottom line, but on the weekends it’s all about his passion for food.  He’s as savvy in the kitchen as he is in the boardroom. It’s only fresh ingredients for him. As we dart from vendor to vendor, sampling the fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits that were picked right off the tree only this morning, I can’t wait to get back to the house to see what Larry will whip up.


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