Pintest: Panda Express Orange Chicken


Panda Express Orange Chicken

I glanced through “2013’s most pinned recipes” and came across this delightful recipe: copycat Panda Express Orange Chicken. Panda Express does a LOT of comfort foods well, but their #1 selling bowl is the orange chicken with jasmine rice. If you have never had this heavenly dish, Google your nearest Panda Express immediately and get one! Better yet, you could try this recipe at home, which is just as delicious!

This is the original pin. It led me to this homemade recipe on

Screen shot 2014-01-11 at 4.46.05 PMWhenever I read online recipes, I first glance through the comments on the bottom. Comments can be extremely helpful on blogs (comments on my posts are VERY much appreciated!). They usually come from readers who have tried the recipe, and can help give advice for future attempts.

In the case of this orange chicken recipe, I noticed the same comment over and over: “the…

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