Avo Toast


While I’m not positive this can be categorized as a ‘recipe’, I MUST share my latest favorite no-fuss snack with you! Not everything you eat has to be fancy shmancy and complicated. Some of the simplest combinations are also the tastiest. 🙂

Avo Toast

Avocado is considered “earth’s butter”, and if you are a fan of this green, mushy goodness, then you’ll agree with that statement. It’s the perfect mayo/butter substitution and have tons of health benefits. They’re full of fiber, help lower cholesterol, and have powerful anti-aging properties. Plus, they fill you up so you don’t snack later!


I first heard about avo toast from the ever-pretentious Gwenyth Paltrow – she put a recipe for it in her most recent gluten-free cookbook. But the best part about this trendy snack is that there are unlimited ways you can prepare it! Add tomato slices, a fried egg, cucumbers, cilantro, canned tuna, olives, chiles, salsa, or…

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