Sausage and Peppers

Cooking in Sens


There is a fairly large Italian community in Stuttgart.  Before I left to come back to Sens, we discovered a great supermarket with Italian imports, butcher and traiteur.  The sausages, that I was smart enough to bring to Sens for the freezer, are made on site with a choice of sweet or hot.  We chose the hot.


The thing about peppers, onions and garlic is, if you are vegetarian, you can just put them in a bun/baguette and eat them without the sausages and the sandwich will still be good. I tried it, just so I could tell you about it and also because I wanted to 😉


I think New York State/New Jersey has the best traditional, unadulterated Italian food I’ve ever tasted outside of Italy and you can find it in both modest and upscale restaurants. There used to be a fantastic diner/cafe in Monticello, New York, everything cooked…

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