Clearing Another GF Hurdle {Lemon Blueberry Pancakes, GF and AP Flour Versions}

Sweet And Crumby

Hurdles; They slow us down and are barriers to get where we want to go, but ultimately, they encourage us to stretch and learn. Gluten free baking was a big hurdle for me. Daunting, difficult, and rather unrewarding…at first.


And now, as I have figuratively stretched my GF baking muscles and built them up little by little, I am in my element again, having cleared those hurdles. I have figured things out, “rules” if you will, that help me to be creative once again and make up my own recipes but ultimately help me to conjure up deliciousness that can’t be detected as “gluten free” and are thoroughly appreciated by anyone gluten intolerant or not.

These blueberry and lemon pancakes are the perfect example. I had a spring in my step yesterday morning as the sun poured through my kitchen windows and a beautiful homegrown Meyer lemon was almost glowing…

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