Quick and Easy Roasted Potatoes

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It seems like I am always so focused on the main dish that I forget to make  a side dish. Then I try throwing something together that just doesn’t cut it. Like last week’s family dinner giant clusterf**k of green beans, broccoli, and snap peas in an orange, garlic, ginger reduction. I botched the crap out of it, and it took me forever to make, so I missed out on the fun family time. Boo.

I needed some ideas for fast, easy sides that tasted awesome and didn’t have too many ingredients. The main dish usually has a ton of ingredients, so…not everything has to be complicated. Or so I hear.

So, I’m moping around, sitting on the couch, icing my stupid knees, and watching (well, listening to) the Food Network, and LO AND BEHOLD…a couple of recipes, just for me. Exactly what I needed!

Here’s what you do:


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