Chia Seed Pudding

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Chia Seed Pudding

I have a very serious sweet tooth … As you can tell by my blog, I really try to eat a healthy diet, except when it comes to dessert. I have no will power. I love sweets and never deny myself (everything in moderation). But when you crave something sweet after every meal (even breakfast) you have to find something other than chocolate chip cookies to satisfy.


I have been consistently making my Healthy Green Smoothie every morning and have started throwing in a couple tablespoons of Chia Seeds (instead of Flax Seeds).

Chia seeds can help reduce blood pressure. The seeds contain one of the highest known plant sources of essential fatty acids (which also helps to boost metabolism and promote lean muscle mass.). Essential fatty acids cannot be synthesized by our bodies however, it is very important that we get enough to support our immune, cardiovascular, nervous and reproductive systems. Chia…

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