Hummingbird Bakery’s White Chocolate Blondies

Styling My Everyday

Blondies Several years ago my mom gave me an adorable cookbook from the London’s famed Hummingbird Bakery. While I’m dying to travel across the pond to try their sweet treats in person, the homemade versions will just have to do. 

hummingbird-cookbookWhile I’ve baked a handful of recipes out of the book (the Hummingbird Cake is amazing, the Chocolate Cake recipe is not great, skip it), the Blondies are by far my favorite. They are ridiculously GOOD!

Blondies are basically brownies made with white chocolate instead of traditional semi-sweet chocolate. Everyone turns their nose up when I bring them places—how could anything be better than a chocolate brownie? But, I am telling you, one bite and they are the crowd’s favorite. 


They are buttery and chewy and speckled with pecans. These blondies are very simple to make and are guaranteed to become your family’s new favorite treat. Just in time for Valentine’s. 


Hummingbird Bakery Blondies

5 oz…

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