Les Boites de Surprises de Nico

Cooking in Sens


I love both extravagant packaging and surprises!  Babou’s husband, Nico, “peeped my hole card” and provided me with both.  That’s why I gave him half of my ribs.  But we’ll discuss that later.  At first, he sent me his thanks for the Easter lunch in the form of, I thought, a really small hat.  Unfortunately, unlike Jade, I don’t have the face nor head for hats and certainly not a little hat 🙂  I prepared to fake intense pleasure.  :-O  After all, it’s the thought that counts.


Surprise!  French macarons from one of my favorite towns, Fontainebleau.  The reason why these are a little crumbly is because Le Parret had been pawing at them 😀


During Easter lunch we discussed mustards, comparing the German sweet mustard with the types of mustards found in France.  Nico told us about a “white” mustard that I’d never seen nor heard of.  It was only…

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