University of California Irvine – School of Medicine

University of California Irvine- School of Medicine 

Admission Requirements: Complete American Medical Colleges Application Service between June 1 to November 1, a minimum of three years of undergraduate course work, including a minimum of one full time year at an accredited US college or university, Medical College Admission Test, Application must be successfully completed by matriculation

Tuition:June 16 to June 27 Tuition is 2,590

July 1 to July 11 Tuition is 2,350

July 14 to July 25 Tuition is 2,590

Degrees Offered:

Areas of Study and Specialization: Anthropologies of Medicine, Science, and Technology, students take four approved graduate courses

Add a Picture of this School :

Reflection: Would you like to attend here? Why? why not? : I think that I would like to attend that school , because I am into the medical field and that is what they major in.


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