Part 3

Part 3-4

“Obedience is central to becoming , being, and remaining happy.”

David A. Bednar

Obedience, in human behavior, is a form of “social influence in which a person yields to explicit instructions or orders from an authority figure”. Doing what your asked to do is always going to make you happy and you will will be less likely to get into trouble because you won’t need o be repeated you will only be told once.


Part 2-4

Part 2-4

100+ Goals 

 I think that I have accomplished maybe about like 6 goals , I am really happy that iv’e accomplished some. I know that this notebook will help me so much through out my college years, and lifetime.

Period 3 Part 1-4

Period 3

Part 1-4

What did you like best about this class?

1. What I really liked about this class , is that I learned a lot about many different types of careers.I also like that we have a note book for our plans that we have and want to accomplish. Everyday I learned something new and thanks to having this class we know know to CTR (Choose The Right).

2. What did you dislike about the class?

I really didn’t dislike anything about this class.

3. What can you recommend to improve the class

I think that we should have more free time ,have 1 day a week without doing our daily basis work.

4. What is something that you will always remember about this class?

I will always remember about Choosing The Right.